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BERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi am Trecker im EinsatzBERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi am Trecker im Einsatz
BERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi Detailansicht Hark-StäbeBERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi Detailansicht Hark-Stäbe
BERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi am TreckerBERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi am Trecker
BERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi im EinsatzBERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi im Einsatz
BERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi am Trecker im EinsatzBERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi am Trecker im Einsatz
BERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi am Trecker auf AckerBERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi am Trecker auf Acker

Insect-friendly mowing

BERKY focuses on the development of innovative methods to contribute to the conservation of water bodies.

Many organisms living in aquatic habitats are under protection. Various dragonfly, beetle and spider as well as frog species can be found on the Red Lists and are considered to be critically endangered. Each organism plays an important role in the complex aquatic ecosystems and influences the nutrient balance. If that system is disturbed, either by the absence of some of its counterparts or by an excessive supply of nutrients, the worst thing possible to happen is the start of siltation processes. BERKY relies on the development of innovative procedures and techniques, for example in the mowing of riverbanks, in order to contribute to species-protecting and ecological watercourse maintenance.

When carrying out watercourse maintenance measures, care should be taken to ensure, that species protected by law and their refuges as well as their development stages are not damaged or disturbed. It is helpful to regard breeding, hatch and flight times, which can be found in various guides about ecological watercourse management. For example, the Lower Saxony State Agency for Water Management, Coastal Protection and Nature Conservation (NLKWN) offers detailed and species-specific information and recommendations for a more gentle approach in its guide. When mowing river banks for example, the use of the BERKY Mower-Hark-Combi Type 5200 is recommended. Due to the smaller contact surface and the height adjustability (10 to 15 cm is considered a safe cutting height) of the cutting unit, fewer losses of animals are to be expected here. The combination of two machines and two work processes in one is also more economical and easier to transport.

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If you have any questions regarding the careful maintenance of watercourses or the flora and fauna at the watercourse, please feel free to contact our environmental scientist:

Michael Demanowski

Environmental scientist

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