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Weed Harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 on Baldeneysee GermanyWeed Harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 on Baldeneysee Germany
Weed Harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 in HarborWeed Harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 in Harbor
Weed Harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 on LakeWeed Harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 on Lake
Weed Harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 on WaterWeed Harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 on Water
Berky Triton 1500 CockpitBerky Triton 1500 Cockpit

Berky TRITON 1500

Weed Harvester Type 6540

Mowing and collecting even in large areas.
The weed harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 is the largest model in the series. The working width, working depth and available loading space are designed to allow you to work efficiently on large bodies of water and heavy weeds like Water hyacinth or Elodea.

The versatile big aquatic weed harvester BERKY TRITON 1500 proves to be particularly manoeuvrable thanks to its compact design. With the U-double blade cutter, the water plants and algae under the water surface can be effectively removed by the mower collection boat and at the same time transported into the hold by means of a conveyor belt. Due to its characteristics and mode of operation, the boat can be used as a rubbish collection boat. This removes wood debris and rubbish from the water surface.

The uncomplicated handling and use is easily possible with a fully glazed and sound-insulated driver’s cab. Individual optimisation is possible with the hydraulic lowering of the driver’s cab.

The ergonomically arranged controls provide an excellent view of the work area and allow the operator to work continuously with low fatigue. This ensures that the technical possibilities of the machine can be optimally exploited.
The content of the loading area is 15 m^3 and can then be unloaded within a few minutes using the conveyor belt.

Perfect for lakes, harbors, reservoirs, etc.

Rent or buy our mower collection boats for watercourse cleaning and removal of aquatic plants.

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    Care in and under water


Article number
  • 6540
  • Stage IIIA: 4-cylinder Perkins diesel engine, approx. 96.5 kW/132 hp
  • Stage V: 4-cylinder Perkins diesel engine, approx. 90 kW/120 hp
  • Steel hull with primer and top coat resistant to aggressive, atmospheric and mechanical influences.
  • Boat corners with double-walled material support as wearing edge
  • Running floor made of non-slip material
Tank volume
  • Fuel tank approx. 400 l
  • Hydraulic tank approx. 240 l
  • Blokland Water and Hydraulic Oil Cooling
Traction drive
  • Two hydraulic drive augers with start-up and weed protection
  • Drive screws hydraulically tiltable upwards
  • Hydraulic swivelling of the drive screws by 60° per side
  • Steering wheel, joystick and switch
  • Electric hand transmitter, driving speed infinitely variable
  • Steel cabin fully glazed, soundproofed, hydraulically lowerable by 0.40 m
  • Clearly arranged controls and monitoring instruments (rev counter and hour meter, temperature display, electric diesel tank indicator, hydraulic oil warning indicator, electric position indicator with transmitter for steering, main battery switch)
  • 12 V socket splash-proof
  • Splash-proof ignition lock and displays
  • Upholstered seat with armrests
  • Air conditioning, heating, radio
Hydraulic system
  • L/S pump for drive and conveyor belts up to 200 l/min at 250 bar
  • Gear pump steering and cylinder hydraulics up to 44 l/min at 220 bar
  • Gear pump for U-cutter up to 40 l/min at 80 bar
  • Hydraulic oil: Bio-oil Water hazard class 0
  • Micro filter system
Safety and warning system
  • Automatic safety shutdown in case of overheating and low engine oil pressure
  • Acoustic signal when hydraulic oil level is too low
  • Hull: 10.00 m x 3.00 m x 1.25 m (LxWxH)
  • Transport: 14.50 m x 3.00 m x 3.00 m (LxWxH)
  • Draught: 0,45 m
  • Weight: approx. 10,800 kg
  • Cabin: 1.50 m x 1.50 m x 1.20 m
  • Up to 8 km/h forward
  • Up to 4 km/h backwards
Conveyor belts
  • Front conveyor belt 4.30 m long and 2.25 m wide, unloading height 2.00 m above waterline
  • Loading conveyor 7.00 m long and 2.25 m wide, loading height 0.80 m
  • Loading capacity 15 m³
  • made of stainless material with Polystal double rods, pce. 23 mm, ø 8 mm
Standard equipment
  • Lockable storage box
  • Lighting and equipment according to EU regulation
  • mobile bilge pump
  • Oil change pump for engine oil
  • Tool kit
  • Fire extinguisher, First aid kit, Life belt, Life jacket
  • U-cutterbar with 2.50 m working width and 1.80 m working depth
  • Double-knife cutter
Areas of application
  • Cleaning and maintenance of large water surfaces
  • Removal of aquatic plants and algae below the water surface
  • Removal of wood and rubbish


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