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Environmental policy at Berky

Environmental protection is anchored in BERKY GmbH’s thinking and is reflected in our environmental policy as follows:

We promote and develop awareness for the preservation of our environment among all employees. To this end, our employees are always kept up to date by means of information. If necessary, we conduct appropriate briefings.

We are committed to complying with all environmentally relevant legal regulations. In addition, we will take all necessary measures to constantly reduce our environmental impact.

By using materials, energy, water and waste carefully, we not only preserve the environment, but also reduce our costs at the same time.

By using the latest technologies, we contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution, and this applies equally to our products and services. Avoiding waste and environmental pollution, starting with procurement, planning our production processes and services, through to sales and advising our customers, is the concern of all our employees.

Environmental protection is strengthened through dialogue. We conduct this dialogue with all employees in the company in order to promote environmental awareness and to avoid environmentally harmful occurrences or their effects. We also communicate our environmental principles to customers and suppliers outside the company, thus gaining additional ideas for continuous improvement.