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Revitalization of waterways

Sustainable development of water infrastructure in Jakarta

Jakarta, a bustling metropolis known for its dense population, faces unique challenges due to its swampy terrain and low elevation. Rapid urbanization has strained the city’s infrastructure, leading to pollution in its canals and lakes. This pollution worsens existing flooding issues and diminishes the appeal of these natural escapes. Despite their potential as recreational spots, lakes like Waduk Pluit, Waduk Sunter Bar, and Waduk Sunter Utara suffer from poor water quality and littered surfaces.

The challenge

Jakarta’s environmental department, overwhelmed by the volume of debris and plants in the waterways, struggled with traditional cleanup methods like manual labor and excavators. These methods proved insufficient against the constant influx of debris and the rapid growth of water hyacinths. Declining water quality posed serious health risks to workers, highlighting the urgency of finding a more effective solution.


Working with local distributors and experts, critical areas for cleanup, particularly the city’s lakes, were identified. Acting as natural landfills for canal and stream debris, these lakes required a large and efficient solution to clear the accumulated trash and water hyacinths. The BERKY Triton 550 Aquatic Weed and Trash Harvester emerged as the ideal choice. Equipped with a conveyor system capable of reaching depths of 1.5 meters, it effectively removes both surface debris and submerged plastics. Its cutting system further aids in tackling dense water hyacinth growth.


Regular maintenance with the BERKY Triton 550 has significantly reduced the impact of seasonal water hyacinth growth, saving the city time and money. Equipment initially deployed to clean Waduk Pluit has been redistributed to other sites, allowing for the restoration of additional locations. Today, Waduk Pluit has been transformed from an avoided spot to a popular tourist destination, while Waduk Sunter boasts the Jakarta International Stadium, a source of pride for the city. The removed plants and debris no longer clog drainpipes and floodgates, reducing stress on the drainage system and aiding in flood mitigation and control.


The collaboration between BERKY and the City of Jakarta has positively impacted countless lives, with tons of debris removed daily for over a decade. This partnership represents one of the largest operations in waterway cleanup and environmental protection. We are proud to continue our cooperation with Jakarta and extend our services to others facing similar challenges. If your urban waterways require cleaning, reach out to us for tailored advice and solutions. Together, we can achieve cleaner, healthier waterways for all.

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