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Waterweed in a recreational lake?

BERKY boats ensure clear lakes and happy guests

Water ski facilities, wakeboard parks, and recreational lakes are highly weather-dependent establishments that are often confronted with the undesirable growth of aquatic plants such as Canadian waterweed during the season. This significantly impairs the use of the water by guests. The municipality of Winterberg, Germany successfully relies on BERKY Nereus 150 and BERKY Nereus 240 Amphi to address this issue. These specialized boats effectively collect the plants with rake harrows, thus minimizing downtime of the facility and potential loss of earnings.

The challenge

The excessive growth of aquatic plants in water bodies not only affects the water quality, but also the experience of swimmers and athletes. It can lead to dangerous situations when guests have to navigate through dense plant growth. This not only results in a loss of guests, but can also lead to serious accidents and financial losses for the operator.

Approach and solution

The use of BERKY mowing boats and mowing-collecting boats provides an efficient solution for removing aquatic plants. These boats enable both preventive measures and emergency clearances to ensure smooth operation of the water body. Both the BERKY Nereus 150 and the BERKY Nereus 240 Amphi are successfully utilized for these purposes.


The boats navigate through the lake and effectively collect the aquatic plants. The dense vegetation allows for easy removal without the need for cutting equipment. The plants are brought to the shore and disposed of. The use of mowing boats is almost indispensable, as manual removal is not practical. Thanks to the powerful BERKY boats, closure of the facility is limited to a maximum of 1-3 days per season.

Conclusion from the collaboration

The effective management of the issue of invasive aquatic plants significantly contributes to a positive experience for guests, athletes, and swimmers. This not only supports local businesses such as waterski facilities and restaurants, but also enhances the reputation of Winterberg as an attractive summer vacation destination. The BERKY boats play a crucial role in this success by swiftly and efficiently eliminating the weeds.

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