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State-of-the-art drainage canals cleaning solution

Drainage canals cleaning solution for flood protection

The province of Nonthaburi, nestled in the Bangkok metropolitan area, has been struggling with recurring floods for years. The historically swampy terrain and location in the delta of the Chao Phraya River made the region particularly vulnerable. The extensive canal system, which was crucial for regulating the flow of water, became the focus of flood prevention efforts.

The challenge

The floods of 2011 highlighted the explosive nature of the situation. At that time, not only local communities but also the global industry was severely affected. Nonthaburi is home to a significant proportion of the world’s production capacity for hard disks and RAM. The floods led to significant production losses and highlighted the far-reaching consequences of seemingly local events.

Challenges at a glance:

  • Recurrent flooding in Nonthaburi province
  • Historically swampy terrain and location in the delta of the Chao Phraya River
  • Extensive canal system, which is crucial for regulating the water flow
  • Severe flooding in 2011 with far-reaching consequences

APPROACH: The government's proactive response

The provincial government of Nonthaburi took up the challenge and decided on proactive measures to prevent future flooding. Prevention proved to be much more cost-effective than dealing with the consequences of disasters. A comprehensive strategy was adopted to protect communities and important industries from flooding.


A key element of this strategy was the integration of BERKY’s state-of-the-art drainage canals cleaning solution. The Berky mowing and working boat, a robust machine specially developed for this purpose, has become the key tool in the fight against water and deposits in the canals.

The use of the BERKY mowing and working boat has led to significant improvements. The systematic removal of obstructions ensures an unimpeded flow of water and prevents the accumulation of material at critical points such as locks and bridges. This proactive approach not only reduces the risk of flooding, but also minimizes the need for expensive clean-up and dredging. This also extends the service life of the canals.


With BERKY’s support, the province of Nonthaburi has taken an exemplary path in the fight against flooding. The innovative canal cleaning solution and the provincial government’s proactive strategy are helping to protect people, the environment and the economy in the region.

Results at a glance:

  • Significant reduction in the risk of flooding
  • Improved water flow and prevention of material accumulation
  • Minimization of expensive clean-up operations and dredging work
  • Extension of the service life of the channels


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