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Double Knife Cutter

BERKY Doppel­messer Schneid­werk an Trecker

BERKY double knife cutter The double-blade cutterbar makes it possible to cut the vegetation in an environmentally friendly way. Because it can be mounted on a wide range of tractors and can be quickly dismantled, the double-blade cutterbar is particularly interesting for anyone who wants to convert an existing tractor or use the tractor temporarily […]

Mower-Rake Combi

BERKY Mäh-Hark-kombi am Trecker im Einsatz

BERKY Mower-Rake Combi The mower-rake combination makes it possible to trim the vegetation in a particularly environmentally friendly way. The front double blade first cuts the vegetation, then the rear clearing rake transports the cuttings out of the trench.Due to the fact that it can be mounted on a wide range of tractors and can […]

Belt Rake

BERKY Band­räum­harke Seitenansicht

BERKY Belt Rake The belt clearing rake makes it possible to efficiently retrieve the cuttings from the trench. Anyone who already owns a tractor, wants to convert it or use it for other purposes, has additional options thanks to the quick disassembly of the belt clearing rake.   Our Berky in action Mit dem Laden […]


BERKY Mulcher am Berky-Gerät im Einsatz im Grünen

BERKY Mulcher The BERKY Mulcher is powerful and versatile. Thanks to the optional ­equipment with ­40 mm or 205 mm flails, the tractor mulcher ­unfolds its full potential when mulching grass, scrub and light woody plants­. The tractor mulcher ­can be made of either light aluminium or robust ­steel and can ­therefore be ­adapted to […]

Mulcher with clearing belt

Mulcher with clearing belt All the advantages of the BERKY mulcher ­extended by a powerful conveyor belt. By using the conveyor belt, mulching can be carried out in one operation and the mulched material can be removed from the working area at the same time. The conveyor belt easily throws the material onto the clearing […]

Hydro Flail Mower with hydraulic flap

Berky Hydro-Schlegel­mulcher mit hydrau­lischer Klappe auf Wiese

Hydro flail mower with hydraulic flap With the hydraulically opening flap of the hydro flail mulcher, large amounts of reeds and grass can be ­removed with ­ease. Another special feature of the mulcher for tractors is the possibility of automatic level control by means of BERKY Flailtronic. Cutting quality and throughput are impressively combined with […]