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BERKY London 2012
Ersatzteillager mit gelben Kästen in Regalen

Case study: Cleaning up a rowing lake


The London 2012 Olympics held high expectations not only for athletes but also for the venues hosting the events. The rowing lake, a crucial site for competitive rowing, faced challenges with aquatic weed overgrowth, threatening the integrity of the sport and the overall aesthetic appeal of the venue.

The Challenge

Uncontrolled vegetation in the rowing lake posed a significant challenge. The organizers needed a reliable solution to ensure a clean and optimal environment for the rowing events. BERKY stepped up to address this challenge with its proven and reliable equipment.

The solution

  • Berky Type 6530 aquatic weed harvester

    •  This specialized boat efficiently mows and collects aquatic plants, ensuring a clear path for rowers. With its ability to collect the plants and store them onboard, it was crucial for keeping the venue in pristine condition.
  • Berky Type 6440 mowing boat

    • The workboat was deployed additionally to the aquatic weed harvester. The small and versatile boat was equipped with a Type 7400 trash collection basked to collect wood and trash.

Results of the clean-up

  1. Clear Rowing Course:
  2. The Berky boats successfully cleared the rowing course of aquatic weeds, providing rowers with a smooth and unobstructed path for their competitions.

  3. Enhanced Aesthetics:
  4. The removal of unwanted vegetation improved the overall aesthetics of the rowing lake, contributing to a visually appealing setting for the Olympic events.

  5. Positive Environmental Impact:
  6. Berky’s efficient and eco-friendly solutions ensured minimal disruption to the lake’s ecosystem, showcasing the company’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Successful partnership with Berky

Recognition from Authorities, Organizers, and Athletes

The successful collaboration with Berky received positive feedback from the British Waterways Agency and the organizers of the Olympic Games, as well as from athletes and spectators.

With our involvement in the 2012 Olympic Games in London, we demonstrated our ability to tackle unique challenges in water management, solidifying our reputation as an industry leader.

This success led to our support for other significant events:

  • the 2022 World Rowing Cup I in Belgrade, Serbia
  • the 2023 World Rowing Championships in Belgrade, Serbia
  • the 2023 UIM F1H2o World Championship at Lake Toba, Indonesia


Road to success: free from Aquatic weed

BERKY’s Solutions for Your Water Sports Event

Whether you’re planning an event for rowing, sailing, triathlon, Ironman, open water swimming, water skiing, or wakeboarding, make sure that water weeds do not impact your plans. Our Berky Triton weed harvester range and Nereus mowing boat products guarantee the success of your event.


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