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Mower collection boat BERKY TRITON 550 for the city of Nuremburg

On 18.08.22 our mower collection boat / weed harvester BERKY TRITON 550 was put into operation.

On 18.08.22 our mowing boat BERKY TRITON 550 was put into operation by the mayor of Nuremberg, Mr. Vogel.

Now the Dutzendteich can be optimally cleaned of water plants such as water hyacinths and water lilies as well as flotsam by machine.

The BERKY TRITON 550 mower-collection boat picks up aquatic plants and flotsam with its front mower and stows them safely on the loading area. The cuttings and collected material can then be unloaded quickly and easily on land.

This means that the Nuremberg city pond can once again be used safely and water sports enthusiasts can enjoy their sport and have more fun on their water.

Do you also have problems with your lake, pond, reservoir or river and are unable to identify or remove your invasive aquatic plants?

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If you have any questions regarding the careful maintenance of watercourses or the flora and fauna at the watercourse, please feel free to contact our environmental scientist:

Michael Demanowski

Environmental scientist

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