Our mission: to clear rivers and lakes of waste with efficient technology

Automatically collect waste from rivers and lakes with boats from BERKY 

An old problem that is now being addressed in more and more countries and regions: the pollution of water by waste.
Unfortunately, rivers, canals and other waters have been and are being misused worldwide for the disposal of all types of waste, especially plastic waste. Due to a lack of disposal systems, it has long been the only way for many people to get rid of their rubbish. This accumulates in the rivers, clogs driveways and bridges and finally enters the sea.
A rethinking has been taking place for some time now and people are working hard to get trash and plastic out of the water. On the one hand to improve the quality of life locally, on the other hand to relieve the environment.

Our machines collect garbage from inland waters before it enters the sea!

At BERKY we use our garbage collection boats to collect waste from rivers and lakes fully automatically. Our pontoon-style boats are equipped with up to three automatic conveyor belts that collect the garbage from the surface of the water and transport it into the cargo hold. Unloading via the belts is also fully automatic in less than a minute. Before waste enters the sea and spreads over a large area, it is concentrated in rivers and canals in many places and can be skimmed off well. Our various garbage collection boats are flexible and due to their compact design in a position to reach even narrow and rough places or shallow water zones.

Sophisticated technology with decades of experience

Originally developed as a mowing boat for mowing and collecting water plants on the water surface and repeatedly improved for decades, the further development of an efficient garbage collection boat was a logical step. So today we can deliver mature, reliable and automated technology at the highest level.

Depending on your needs, we can advise you on the right model and tailor your boat to individual requirements.

Therefore BERKY for waste collection on waters:

  • Fully automatic collection from the surface of the water
  • Fast unloading of the cargo compartment
  • Extremely manoeuvrable and usable everywhere in inland waters
  • Technically mature and proven for years

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