For the first time Berky has delivered the suction dredger model 6780 to Russia and has been successfully put into operation

In December 2016, we delivered a large BERKY dredging boat model 6780 in a region to Southern Russia for the first time. In January, there was the guide in by our staff. The 6780 is now successfully in operation.

Our suction dredger is in use there to maintain and deepen a water reservoir. The measures serve above all the flood protection.

The customer has chosen the model 6780 due to its multifunctional and mobility manners.

The following equipment is in use in Russia:

- Cutter head
- Service crane (6.70m range)
- Sludge spray pipe
- Cleaning bucket 720 l
- Clam shell bucket 400 l
- Collecting rake
- Pole-Erecting bucket

The advantages of model 6780:

  • The machine is able to land on its own and has a mud pump on board
  • Due to the low center of gravity, the machine cannot tip over
  • The lateral supports are telescopic, steering is possible without boom load
  • The machine is refuelable from both sides
  • Also work with the pipeline at up to 1,4 degrees Fahrenheit (-17° C) is still possible
  • The cutter head is universally applicable for hard and soft grounds. Therefore, it is not necessary to change it
  • The smooth underfloor of the model 6780 does not cause any damage to the environment or the ground

The customer was impressed and very satisfied with the new possibilities.

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