BERKY Aquatic Weed Harvester cut and collect plants, such as rooted, floating plants, algae and water hyacinths, but also trash in one step in rivers, canals and lakes.
BERKY is the leading manufacturer of aquatic weed harvesters worldwide. These harvester boats are designed according to current state-of-the-art technology and set new standards in floatation stability, work performance, safety and environmental protection. Several years of experience and continuous advancement of our aquatic weed harvester allow us to offer you a range of weed harvesters today and in the future, with which you can comfortable carry out work in virtually all operating conditions.

BERKY Aquatic Weed Harvesters are available in various sizes and designs. Due to two conveyer belts, the collection belt and the storage belt, we enable fast loading and unloading, whereby non-productive processing time is decreased. The driver's cabin in our modern aquatic weed harvesters is located at the front of the boat so as to guarantee an optimal general view when mowing, as well as with unloading. All operating functions can be comfortably controlled from the driver's cabin. In order to be able to travel under the low bridges with the aquatic weed harvester, we have developed the innovative system of driver cabins that can be lowered during operation. The aquatic weed harvester is operated by a person from the driver's cabin.

Environmental protection, easy maintenance, comfort and driver ergonomics
 are becoming increasingly important. BERKY has reacted to this development with new innovative solutions, which were implemented in the current weed harvester boats.