Heavy Dozer boat model 6440

The high-quality dozer boat model 6440 is optimal for special tasks on canals, waterways and lakes with at least a width of 5.00 m. The hull is made of reinforced marine sheet and has a double, waterproofed top coat. With a powerful, winding free auger drive and a powerful diesel engine (36 kW/ 49 HP), the dozer boat model 6440 reaches a speed up to 8 km/ h forwards and is therefore also suitable for water with high flow rates. It is possible to push and lift heavy loads (like water hyacinth or wood stomps) due to the front mounted unit. Even the cleaning of waters with moderate waves is feasible. The front mounted unit with quick coupler ensures a flexible use of various implements. Many different implements are available such as T-double-knife, front collecting rake, mowing bucket.