Engine 4-cylinder diesel, 55 kW/74 hp
Drive - Continuous variable hydraulic
- Working up to 10 km/h
- Transport up to 20 km/h
- Operation by hand levers or foot pedals
- 3-wheels, one mounted on the right-hand side to adjust incline to the embankment
Steering Hydraulic front wheel steering
Tyres Ø 1070 mm x 600 mm
Boom - Side boom 4,50 m
- Rear boom 4,50 m
- Support boom (optional) 4,50 m - 5,50 m
Hydraulics Each boom 40l/min at 180 bar
for working equipment
Important dimensions - Height 2,80 m
- Ground Clearance 0,52 m
- Weight 4.500 kg - 6.500 kg
Popular extras - Support boom
- A/C and heater
- Branch and shrub deflector
- Rear boom back swing mechanism
- Air suspended drivers seat

BERKY 2200 Slope mower


The 2200 SLOPE MOWER is flexible in use and highly efficient. The narrow track width enable the mowing in narrow residential areas or next to fields without destroying crops. With the adjustable support wheel boom the 2200 SLOPE MOWER is ready to work in deep and shallow ditches.

Highest efficiency is achieved with the parallel operation of a cutting unit and a rake. In one step the embankment is mowed and the clippings removed from the ditch. The 2200 SLOPE MOWER is easy to operate and provides a good view on the working area.

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