Slope mower model 2200

High-performance Tricycle slope mower for working on ditch slopes. BERKY Tricycle ditch slope mowers are self-propelled machines that have been designed for use in small areas between the slopes with different inclinations (embankments). Their design allows to work on embankments/ inclinations from 80 cm lane that cannot be reached by tractors and other special vehicles.

The BERKY Tricycle ditch slope mower model 2200 can be equipped with up to 2 working boom which have a range of up to 6.50 m. In addition, due to a parallelogram a third operation equipment can be mounted on the slope mower. Even at long ranges, the slope mower has a high stability. Depending on the design, the mower has various implements such as double-knife cutting unit, clearing rake, chopper, tree saw, backhoe and clamshell bucket, mowing bucket, which can be used for different working situations.

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