Tractor - For tractors with 6-cylinder chassis
- Min. 4.300 kg unused payload
Boom position side mounted
Ground pressure regulation (optional) BERKY Flailtronic with automated Level
and Incline regulation of the mower
Boom - 9 m reach from centre of the vehicle
- Telescope Boom
- 220° swivel range
- Collision protection via pressure reservoir
Hydraulics 95 l/min at 280 bar for working tools
Cylinder hydraulics via tractor (min. 40 l/min at 200 bar)
Controller for additional working tool function (10 l/min at 200 bar)
Controls Can-bus controls by joystick
Stabilizing options - Axle stabilizer
- Counter weights
Popular extras - BERKY Flailtronic
- Additional joystick for two hand controls

Mid Mounted Unit Model 4700 ZA6


With the BERKY 4700 ZA6 MID MOUNTED UNIT even deep dit-ches are no obstacle. This mowing boom is made for professional use in waterway maintenance. The reach of up to 9 m from vehicle centre paired with the swivel range of up to 220° are unmatched. Hard to reach areas are no problem with this setup. The low maintenance swivel mechanism and the available mowing boom regulation are every drivers delight.

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