The Berky Company

your key for living waters

Berky combines ecology and economy in water care and wants to contribute to keeping our waters healthy. The goal is to create a unique key for each problem, which is nevertheless universally applicable.

Through constant progress and a healthy awareness of our environment, Berky has continuously developed and manufactures machines for ecological yet highly efficient water maintenance. In addition, Berky is also involved in cleaning up our waters of plastic, other trash and everything that does not belong there in the form of a joint project called Collectix.

This contributes to the fact that Berky GmbH from Haren an der Ems is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machines for watercourse maintenance. Since the invention of the tricycle mower in 1963, which led to the founding of the company, Berky has developed into a full-range supplier of waterway maintenance equipment on, near and under the water.

Berky now employs 85 people, and many municipalities and contractors rely on its high-quality machines and implements. Service is not neglected either, with a good spare parts system, repairs and after-sales advice.

Berky's slope mowers, ditch clearers, ditch diggers, mow collection boats, dredge boats, and the many other specialized machines and equipment have proven themselves nationally and internationally. As proof of this, awards such as the Lower Saxony Foreign Trade Award can be seen.