New attachment for more ecological ditch and slope maintenance!

BERKY Mower-Rake-Combination type 5200


The BERKY 5200 MOWING-RAKE-COMBINATION combines two basic machines of the implements for slope and ditch maintenance in one modular attachment - the double-blade cutting unit and the clearing rake.

With this attachment, deep ditches and steep slopes are no problem. The combination of cutting unit and rake is optimally adapted to the requirements of modern and gentle water maintenance.

The BERKY 5200 MOWER-RAKE-COMBINATION allows many individual angle settings between rake and blade, so that an optimal setting can be found for almost any carrier vehicle.

The attachment is an economically attractive and significantly more ecological alternative to the Mulcher. It also makes it easier to maintain directly in the ditch, as cutting units require significantly less energy under water.

Working widths 1,90 m 2,40 m
Cutting thickness Up to 10 mm
Power requirement Total: 45 l/min at 150 bar
Clearing Rake: 40 l/min at 150 bar
Double-Knife Cutting Unit: 22-25 l/min at 150-170 bar (adjustable via pressure relief valve on coupling frame)
Weight Up to 600 kg
Working speed Up to 5 km/h